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    Posted on September 10, 2014 by admin in Calvin Holdings.

    Hi and welcome to CalvinHoldings.com. Here at Calvin Holdings, we build, manage and grow web properties. We have a passion for building web businesses. You can see from our portfolio of web properties that we enjoy building websites and brands.

    Our list of properties are as follows. LuxuryMakeup.com, ChristianCalvin.com, Mailynne.com, Mortgage.info, Dropulate.com (in the works), CouponConsole.com, RentToOwn.info, DentistAssistants.com, AnglersParadise.com, DNLots.com, HarpProgram.info, DailyNewsSource.com (in the works), FriendlyMobile.com, NashvilleOnlineMarketing.com, CNAOnlineGuide.com, PBTTraining.com and many more.

    We go into detail about each specific website on “Our Properties” page. We also help build, manage and control other companies websites as well. We help with content management, build out, social media marketing and management, updating products, analytics, and more.

    We also have a large portfolio of domain names. We have many top domain names that have been sold to companies that are now using the domain to run an online business. Some of them are spotlighted on the “Notable Sales” page. If is wonderful when we sell a domain name to a company and we see the final result of their hard effort to get their particular business up and running on a property that was once ours. Its a great feeling. If you have time, be sure to check out some of those companies like RaiseTheMoney.com, Encouragemint.com, Neckid.com, Wim.co, HygienistSchools.com and more!

    Calvin Holdings also provides several services for companies. We can help launch a website, set up online and offline advertising campaigns, social media setup, launch and management, mobile websites (very important moving forward in business) and much more. We can also serve you eggrolls! Coming soon is Grandma Cee Cees Eggrolls at HomemadeEggrolls.com. Be sure to check those out. They are the best in the world!


    Christian Calvin is part owner of Calvin Holdings with his wife Mailynne Calvin.He is an avid domain investor and domain seller.He enjoys building web properties, monetizing web properties, selling websites and domain names.He also enjoys writing and playing golf.He is the Vice President of a company in Nashville Tennessee and also owns several websites including Mortgage.info.

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