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Why Mobile?

mobile is the new phonebook!!

“Phone book” advertising has been dropping on an accelerated basis and is currently considered non-effective due to the fact that consumers are increasingly using the mobile web to find products and services; and they are doing it on their smartphones, iPod’s and tablets. When it comes to searching for local businesses, the percentage of mobile users skyrockets to over 60%. More than 3 out of every 5 people FIRST look for a local business on their smartphone.

You can no longer ignore the need for a mobile website.

It’s not about your business having a fancy mobile website that you can brag about (although that is nice too), it’s actually about the ease of use for the multitudes of people searching for your business, and whether or not they have a good first experience.

Recent studies show almost 70% of mobile users indicate they are more likely to do business with a company that has a mobile friendly site; which means the first experience is incredibly important, if they don’t like what they see on their mobile device they “click back” and choose the next company.


In fact Mobile Devices are quickly becoming the “New” internet standard, when you don’t have a mobile website you are losing customers.

Mobile Trend Data

More than 80% of the phones purchased today are smartphones, more than half of all phones in North America & Europe are now smartphones, they are already the preferred devices for mobile subscribers.
In the last 12 months, mobile searches have QUADRUPLED, and more than 3 in 5 searches for local businesses are done on a mobile device.
In a recent survey by Google, almost 70% of people interviewed said they would go to a competitor’s site if your site is not mobile friendly.
When price comparison shopping, 81% of users prefer mobile sites over mobile apps (they simply don’t want to install an app when searching a product or servce.)
95 percent of smartphone users conduct local business, restaurant and food truck searches on a regular basis

These stats should be an eye-opening wake up call for any business (local or otherwise) that is not currently offering a proper mobile website experience for their visitors.

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