Our Top Properties

Our properties are built to suit our needs. We also build websites for businesses and individuals. Check out our properties and see our quality. If you are looking for a mobile website, check out our FriendlyMobile.com. If you are into saving money, check out our coupon website at CouponConsole.com.

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Mai Beauty Box

Mai Beauty Box is located at LuxuryMakeup.com. If you are looking for eye makeup, lipstick or lip gloss, face products, nail products, beauty tips or beauty secrets, luxurymakeup.com is the right place. Shop online today and have your products delivered right to your door. Visit today!

Mortgage News Now

Mortgage.info is the leader of online news and mortgage rate information. If you are looking to learn more about mortgages, read news daily on mortgage, finance and banking, then Mortgage.info is your site. Launched in mid 2013, Mortgage.info is quickly becoming the "go to" place for all your mortgage news. A home mortgage might be the largest purchase you make in your life. Be informed with Mortgage.info.

Premium Domain Names

ChristianCalvin.com is the place where all the domain names are placed for viewing and purchasing. If you are looking to invest in domain names, please visit ChristianCalvin.com and look through our inventory of top names. You can shop, make an offer and purchase a domain name right from our site. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me. Visit today!

Brandable Domains

At PlentyOfBrands.com we strive to bring the best brandable domain names for businesses and startups all in one place. The name speaks for itself, plenty of brands. We want to offer a great name for any company starting off or looking to rebrand. We offer domains from single letter domains to 3 word domains. We try to have a little for everyone and any budget. Check us out today!

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    Who we are?

    Hi and welcome to CalvinHoldings.com. Here at Calvin Holdings, we build, manage and grow web properties. We have a passion for building web […]

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